Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crazy Cookies!

Following a hectic night with only 3 glasses of wine (I can do more) adding to that 3 Dizzy's Karoke songs and you have yourself one tired Quirk intern. My debaucherous karoke, began with a cut off version of Jessica Simpson's "these boots are made for walking"- what the Heck! It sucks donkeys bums! I was even more disappointed when it was stolen from me..but by very forgivable people. But alas, work still comes in leaps and bounds. I've managed to salvage a tea break to start a my first actual blog post since, yes wait for it, June last year! Wow, over a year ago..
Work is so crazy! The people are fab but not shy of handing out lots of stuff. I recently also became a fan of The Daily Maverick Newspaper, my oh my do I feel informed! Its so fab! I'm loving Mandy De Waal!
Still sticking to my Brandseye..without them I would never have discovered such a gem.. Just thinking! Feel like a nice BBC dvd series oooooh! Put my feet up with some sundried tomato chicken and noodles.. finishing off with a big pink bubble bath! Sweet

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  1. Just saying hi and well done! Hope life is great!

    Charla Nicol