Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pretty Weddings..

I think cupcakes can be so much prettier and more delicate than an actual wedding cake.People can take a cupcake without ruining the elegant look of the feature. You can use different kinds of cakes and even bake your own. Cupcakes also work so nicely for a birthday party or housewarming... I have my housewarming this weekend, I think I'll give it a go. I've already got a recipe for pampoen koekies.

Every girl wants a wedding day - I know I bloody well do. Even if it's just for the party and being able to do beautiful decorations in my own way, kitsch or classical, being careful of being tacky of course.
I think weddings should be classical, timeless (cliche). There is a definite t
rend happening now - whether it be super vintage, or having your own special photo booth in the corner with props, I wonder if this stuff will ever become 'just another tr
end' like getting a tattoo of a bird or a pin up girl... i
n twenty years it will probably be the equivalent of having gotten a Hot Stuff devil or Casper the friendly ghost tattooed on your boob - Gah!
I want a vintage wedding.. don't tell the boyfriend he thinks anything vintage looks like an 'old woman' but isn't that the point. I wanted a 19th century wedding for ages and ages but like I said it's difficult to have this theme without being gimmicky.. I don't want guests to wear tack! Come in class, real gold and authentic attire - I can picture it now...

I love the chalk board in a frame concept and this partners beautifully with fairy lights - My sister used this idea at her 'vintage circus' wedding- it was so affective. You can use soft colours in your scheme and even gold looks pretty without looking too 'Jerseylicious'.. I absolutely love vintage! But isn't it also becoming just a trend? I really hope not, I'm bookmarking the idea.

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