Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pretty little houses

I recently stumbled on some beautiful blogs surrounding the magic of interior design. I’ve only just started enjoying the feeling of spending money on myself – clothes (okay, still Mr Price),shoes… PNP pumps count? Woolies food! Yummy, real strawberries.. and now I see there’s another mountain of beautiful stuff this thrift princess has to conquer. I do have some obstacles namely in form of a giant hairy German and his ever annoying kitsch phobia (I’m sure they have a professional or clinical name for that) My darling sister (or fashion rival) and my ever present need for daily design inspiration have brought me to my knees. I want a vintage house! Flat! Room! One space in the house! Give me KITSCH!!! It rhymes with my name; we are destined to be together. But since my many obstacles hinder me so badly, I can only but dream…

I start with different rooms of the house, perhaps on different days. I don’t want to tire of talking about my dream room.. I have many.

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