Thursday, June 26, 2014

Slapping a Stranger

A little while ago a video was shared - Strangers Kissing. Folks (models and actors, so probably faked being in a good mood that day) meeting for the first time and kissing... really intimate, but if you're an actor, you can act it out right? The result- still fecking awesome, truly beautiful. Watch it here.

But then shit got real. So we all felt friendship, human connection and all that jazz from the first video. We saw strangers kissing but how about strangers... slapping each other in the FACE!

The result, it's playful fun and of course, consensual (which saves them from too much of a backlash)
It's kind of scary when you see huge ass men hitting these tiny women, until she laughs and bitch slaps him back. Hah!  This is the video. I love it!

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